Friday, June 5, 2015

New Review: Janelle Taylor’s DEFIANT ECSTASY – Exciting Second in the Gray Eagle Series

Having read the first in the series, I could not wait to dive into the second. This is the continuation of the love story between Alisha Williams, a sheltered innocent raised in England to be a young lady, and Gray Eagle, son of the Oglala chief. Set in the Dakotas, it continues from Savage Ecstasy, which began in 1776, but I do think it could be read as a stand alone.

I thought Taylor’s ability to keep the conflict, action and mystery going into this second book was brilliant. And very difficult to do. After all, we know that Gray Eagle wants Alisha and when Savage Ecstasy ended, he was getting her back after the “blue coats” had “rescued” her but were then forced to give her back to Gray Eagle. I needn't have worried. Surprises were coming. After two sweet days together, Alisha is told she bears a mark that makes her the missing daughter of the chief of the Blackfeet tribe. And that chief takes her away from Gray Eagle. But how could that be?

As the newly discovered daughter of Black Cloud, Alisha is now “Shalee” and promised to the chief’s son, who is actually a very nice Indian and treats Alisha well. Gray Eagle is determined to take back what is his, however, no matter what everyone else may want. But how will he do it? Thus begins an adventure you will not want to miss.

Like the first in the series, this is a compelling story I could not put down. This one perhaps brings a more satisfying “end” to the romance of Alisha and Gray Eagle, but there is more. This is the first in the 9 book the Gray Eagle series, the first four of which comprise the story of Gray Eagle and Alisha:

Savage Ecstasy
Defiant Ecstasy
Forbidden Ecstasy
Brazen Ecstasy
Tender Ecstasy
Stolen Ecstasy
Bittersweet Ecstasy
Forever Ecstasy
Savage Conquest

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