Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Review: Sawyer Belle’s SILVER NIGHTS WITH YOU – Worthy Western Romance set in the Silver-Mining Days in Nevada

Set in Nevada in 1858, this is the story of Lila Cameron, an eastern-raised debutante, and
Morgan Kelly, a silver miner who longs for a ranch, a wife and a peaceful life in the shadows of the Sierras. Dragged west by her elderly father, a doctor, Lila was reluctant to leave her life in Virginia. And the trip to California proved to be perilous. A man named David Gardner shows up to rescue her runaway stage attacked by bandits outside of Virginia City and Lila thinks she had met the man for her. However, David is a ne’er do well gambler who puts himself first, unlike stable Morgan, a mature man, whom she meets next.

It’s a well-written tale with a plot that holds some surprises. Belle did a great job of describing the runaway stage and Lila’s firing on the bandits, killing one of them, which draws her much local fame. She is a heroine with spunk, who sometimes takes foolish chances that get her in trouble. And one of the bandits wants his revenge for her killing his brother. When Lila’s father decides not to move on to California, Lila also thinks Nevada may be the place for her and dives into learning how to be a proper woman on the frontier.

Belle has obviously done much research for her novel and describes well the issues with silver mining at the time. And the mine cave in was very exciting with Morgan and his brother narrowly escaping a terrible death. I liked the characters Belle created, especially Ellie, who ran the boarding house. In the end, I wanted to read the next one, Desert Sunrise, the story of Morgan’s brother. I think you will, too.

Note: Sawyer Belle will be my guest two days from now and will be giving away a copy of Silver Nights with You to one lucky commenter so you all come back!

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  1. Such a beautiful cover, I'll be back :)

    1. April,

      Thanks for your compliments on my cover! Be sure to check out my guest post and leave a comment for a chance to win the book!