Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Review: Parris Afton Bonds’ THE MAIDENHEAD – Unique Love Story from America’s Virginia Colony

Set in 1620, this is the story of Modesty Brown who was raised an educated young woman, but fled her sanctimonious father at age 12 to live on her own on the streets of London. There, she partners with the dashing Jack Holloway, a pickpocket and thief. Modesty uses her artistic talents to alter the appearance of the stolen items to look entirely different. Both are clever, quick-witted characters.

When Modesty and Jack are caught, Modesty sails to Jamestown in the Virginia Colony as a bride-to-be in order to escape Newgate and Jack becomes an indentured servant, both in Jamestown. And both in the home of one Mad Dog Jones, a gifted barrister of the Star Chamber who is now living on the Virginia frontier. Modesty only chose Mad Dog to be her husband to avoid being burned at the stake as a witch when a villain from her past shows up to accuse her. There is little affection between her and Mad Dog to begin with and their wedding night only a grudging acceptance of what must take place. Still, oddly enough, there is passion between them.

Bonds tells this well-written story through the eyes of the women who sailed to Jamestown to escape their former lives, prepared to become brides of the bachelors in the new colony. Modesty, Rose, Annie and Clarissa each choose a man they hope will make them happy. Meanwhile, Modesty plans to return to London on a ship Jack now sails for Mad Dog. There are lots of twists and turns and a villain we can all hate. It’s a great romp in the Colonial days of America with lots of well-researched historical detail.

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