Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Review: Johanna Lindsey’s A GENTLE FEUDING – Feuding Clans Deliver an Exciting Romance

Set in mid 16th century Scotland at a time of feuding clans that steal each other's cattle and engage in battle (and worse), this is the story of the MacKinnions and the Fergussons.

Jamie MacKinnion, a handsome and powerful laird in his mid 20s had a bad experience with a first arranged marriage, the bride committing suicide before the marriage could be consummated because she was so afraid of a man's touch. Thus, he has no plans to marry and is enjoying a full menu of mistresses. He has said that if he ever does marry again, he'll be trying the bride first.

Sheena ("she-ah-nah" in Gaelic) Fergusson is the oldest and favorite daughter of her father, the laird. Unlike her sisters, she is beautiful with her red hair and blue eyes and has been turning away suitors by the droves. Raised for many years as a son would be, she can hunt and ride like a man and enjoys bathing in a pond. And who should come by but Jamie, who observes her not knowing who she is. 

Sheena’s father has determined it is time she wed. Through a series of events, he considers marrying her to Jamie to end their clans’ long feud. But Sheena will have none of it and, based upon all she has heard about him, she fears the MacKinnion.

Sheena was both interesting and consistently strong and, while she could be reasoned with, she did not fold like a wet noodle as some heroines do. I thought Lindsey did a good job of presenting the historical setting and language of the time. It was authentic and the dialog realistic. It was fast-paced, reminding me of what love is like between two strong willed people who love each other desperately.

It’s not a "gentle" feuding at times which only adds excitement. You'll enjoy this one!

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  1. HA the memories still got the old cover in my book case at the time they were wonderful reads,