Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Review: Karen Robards’ AMANDA ROSE – Victorian Set in England and New Orleans - the Innocent and the Older Man

Robards is a great romance author and always delivers a fast-paced story. I love her historicals. This one, while not my favorite, is still a worthy read and kept me up late at night to finish it.

The story begins in 1842 as ship’s captain Matt Grayson, an American from New Orleans is about to hang in London—for crimes he didn’t commit. He escapes from the gallows but is wounded as he flees to the coast. There, he is discovered by Lady Amanda Rose Culver, a duke’s daughter who has been confined to a convent school by her half brother. Amanda helps Matt and cares for him in a forgotten cave connected to the convent.

Amanda is an innocent waking to the passion of a handsome, older, experienced man who begins as a gentleman but then succumbs to the temptation of the young vixen. He is a man with a past and knows the betrayal of a woman.

When Amanda’s brother shows up with a fat, older suitor in tow who will dig the family out of their money woes, he blackmails Amanda into agreeing to the marriage or he will turn Matt over to the authorities. But Matt has other plans for her.

Original cover captures the couple
There’s a lot of action and a lot of angst as the scene moves from England to New Orleans where Matt essentially holds Amanda his prisoner. When he would do the honorable thing, she refuses. Ah, the rocky path of love.

Not much history here but the stage is well set with vivid descriptions of locations, clothing and food—all the goodies we romance readers love.

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