Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Review: Kat Martin’s BOLD ANGEL – Entertaining Medieval Romance

Set in England in 1072, this is the story of Caryn of Ivesham, a Saxon, who once tried to save her older sister from a brutal rape at the hand of the Norman knights, but failed. Now both are living in a convent and Caryn longs to escape.

Though a series of events, Caryn finds herself betrothed to Raolfe de Gere, the Norman knight they called Ral the Relentless. He has been given Braxston Keep, once the dwelling of her Saxon family. She agrees to wed him for protection but arrives at a bargain she will not share his bed. Ral has a leman, a beautiful blonde, who takes care of his “needs.”

This is a well-told story with a good medieval feel though there is no history of the period here (and lots was happening in England then). Most of the story is set in or around Braxston Keep. Caryn finds herself attracted to her new husband and jealous of his leman and though Ral sleeps with his leman, he would prefer to bed his wife. Each is stubborn and fights the vulnerability that their growing love creates.

There’s lots of action and subplots in this one to keep you entertained and an evil knight who wants vengeance on Ral for suspense.

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