Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Review: Lane McFarland’s CAMERON – Warring Clans in 13th century Scotland and a Healer Heroine

The story begins in 1297 in Scotland at a time of warring clans. After years of the MacDougalls and Grahams fighting, Laird Robert Graham agrees to a truce with his feuding neighbor. But then his brother is attacked and nearly killed by the MacDougalls, who left their signature arrows behind. Robert decides to get even… and he needs a healer for his brother. How convenient that Cameron MacDougall is a healer from the enemy clan.

Cameron has devoted her life to learning about healing, so when Robert kidnaps her for revenge and her skills, she helps heal his brother no matter she is a prisoner. Robert clearly lusts after his prisoner and Cameron is attracted to him as well and soon a romance develops between them.

McFarland has done much research into the healing arts of the time and is careful to show us the remedies Cameron used. It is not hard to see why Robert’s clan came to love and respect her. She is thoughtful and caring. She keeps telling Robert her father is not the one behind the attack, but it’s his nephew. Robert doesn’t seem to listen. When his lust leads to a physical relationship with Cameron, he decides not to let her go.

The Daughters of Alastair MacDougall series:


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