Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Review: Heather Graham’s A PIRATE’S PLEASURE: Pirate Love Story with a Wonderful Hero!

Set in 18th century America (Virginia) and the Caribbean, this story captivated me from page one. It tells of Lady Skye Kinsdale whose father has ordered her home to Virginia to marry a man he's promised her to from birth--a man she's never met. She's coming home aboard her father's ship from England where she has been at a finishing school. Before she leaves England, and unknown to her, her father has her wed by proxy to the man, Lord Roc Cameron.

On the way to Virginia, Skye’s ship is seized by pirate One Eyed Jack, a ruthless killer. But before he can have her, another pirate, the Silver Hawk, retakes both vessels and holds Skye captive. Skye, who was trained to use a sword by the finest swordsman in Europe, can hold her own against the pirates, and does. The Silver Hawk ("Hawk") admires her courage...and her golden haired beauty. 

But Hawk confuses Skye. On the one hand he is ruthless, rough and domineering and on the other he is gentle and honorable and holds her through her nightmares (she fears darkness).
Unaware she's been wed to Lord Cameron, Skye finds herself attracted to "the pirate scum" (her words). And so the adventure begins...and it is a real adventure. A keeper! 

The plot is intricate and has a major twist I did not see coming. I could not put it down and it kept me up late at night reading. Once it was finished, I had to read it again. Graham's writing is superb. The story pulls you in and does not let you go. There are no slow spots as the action and the characters become very real. The sexual tension permeates the book and is quite believable.

Roc is one of my all time favorite heroes. 

This pirate story introduced me to a wonderful trilogy (The North American Women) that is a part of the Cameron Saga (see full list below). I recommend reading them in order though they can also be read as “stand alone” novels.

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The six books in the Cameron Saga: The North American Women trilogy:

Sweet Savage Eden
A Pirate's Pleasure
Love Not a Rebel

The Camerons in the Civil War trilogy:

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And One Wore Gray
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  1. Thanks for the review, Regan! Pirate heroes are some of my favorites, and this sounds really good.

    1. So glad you liked the review. The whole series is wonderful. I began with this one, however, and loved it.