Friday, December 11, 2015

New Review: Kaki Warner’s HOME BY MORNING – A Great Finish for the Heroes of Heartbreak Creak and a Worthy Hero!

This is the last book in a six-book series of great western stories. Because they are all related and the same characters show up in many of the stories, I do recommend reading them in order. This last one ties them all together in the telling of the romance between the Cheyenne dog soldier, Thomas Redstone, and Prudence Lincoln, the black daughter of a wealthy man who was educated with her half sister, Lucinda (whose story is told in book 1 of the Runaway Brides trilogy).

We have encountered Thomas and Pru before and have waited till now to get the conclusion to their on and off romance. The story begins in 1871 as Pru is raising money in Indiana to educate the freed Negroes. When Thomas returns from England and comes for her, she puts him off saying (yet again) she must finish this first. Thomas is not happy but he does protect her from one evil man named Marsh. Then Thomas goes home to Heartbreak Creek. And with him is his newly adopted blind, black child “Lillie” who is a wonderful character.

The tale is full of suspense, action, laugh out loud scenes, a villain to hate and great dialog. It’s the final gathering of the heroes from Heartbreak Creek and their brides and if you’ve read the others, you’ll want to be sure and read this one.

Thomas is one of my favorite heroes. I loved his “take no prisoners” approach to defending those he loves. You will love him, too. A handsome Cheyenne hunk.

Home by Morning is another great western romance by Warner… highly recommended. Buy it on Amazon.

Runaway Brides:

Heartbreak Creek
Colorado Dawn
Bride of the High Country

Heroes of Heartbreak Creek:

Behind His Blue Eyes
Where the Horses Run
Home by Morning

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