Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Review: Kimberly Cates’ GATHER THE STARS – Emotional Post Culloden Love Story Set in Scotland with a Hero to love

This is a story of a man, Gavin Carstares, Earl of Glenlyon, who is tortured by memories of the Scots he could not save at the Battle of Prestonpans at the beginning of the Jacobite Uprising in 1745. And now he has given his life to saving those who are fleeing the English after the tragedy at Culloden Moor when the Scots were slaughtered.

To assure the last ship carrying Scots to safety can leave Scotland, Gavin captures an English general's daughter, Rachel de Lacy, agreeing to give her back when the ship sails. Rachel is betrothed to the evil Sir Dunstan Wells, a hero of the battle of Culloden Moor, a man committed to killing Highlanders.

Once Rachel is taken captive, she discovers all she was told is a lie and is appalled at the cruelty shown toward the Scots. And she comes to love the mysterious Gavin. Who wouldn’t? He is sensitive, caring, strong and loyal.

Cates does a splendid job showing us Gavin’s suffering from what he believed was his own cowardice. He wants Rachel but knows he must return her. However, Rachel has a mind of her own and she’s a good shot. Most of the story takes place in or near a cave where the Scots hide and shelter those fleeing, including some orphans. There are some endearing secondary characters. The battles are over and the focus is on saving as many as they can.

No one does better than Cates at bringing to life the plight of the Irish and the Scots at the hands of the English. This is a good one in the series.

The Culloden's Fire series:

Crown of Mist (Prequel)
Gather the Stars
Angel's Fall
Crown of Dreams

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