Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Review: Mia Marlowe’s MAIDENSONG – Intriguing Viking Romance set in Sweden and Constantinople

This was Mia Marlowe’s debut novel (originally published under the name of Diana Groe). No date is given but it mentions a character named Halfdan who lived in the late 5th-early 6th century but it could have been set in a later century. The location is Sweden and Constantinople.

Rika was rejected by her father, a jarl, at birth because of her mother died in childbed. Rika is set adrift on a slab of ice by the midwife, expected to die. Instead, she was found by the famous skald, Magnus, who raised her like a daughter and taught her his storytelling craft. When she is grown, a Viking raid ends in the death of Magnus and her capture by Bjorn the Black. Bjorn claims her as his bed slave but then falls in love with her and desires to marry her.

Meanwhile Bjorn’s twisted brother has another marriage in mind for Rika.

This was a good story that held my interest though it slowed a bit when they got to Constantinople where much happens. Also, our strong heroine seems to change to a sometimes compliant woman, which some might find disappointing. However, the story has a nice finish.

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