Monday, March 7, 2016

New Review: Virginia Henley’s DREAM LOVER – Captivating Tale of Irish Revenge!

With her meticulous detail, Henley captures the feelings of a man whose family was destroyed due to one cruel man’s vengeance for his young wife’s infidelity, an affair he could have prevented if he’d only loved her. It’s an intriguing story of Irish revenge that consumes a life almost sacrificing the love of a lifetime.

Set in the late 18th century, this is a story of Sean O’Toole, grandson of the Earl of Kildare, and brother to Joseph. The O’Toole family of Ireland was large, happy and prosperous involved in shipping and horses. On their birthdays, a few days apart, the family throws a huge party for Sean and Joseph. There, Sean sees Emerald FitzGerald Montague (half Irish/half English) when she is 15. Her father, along with Sean’s and his grandfather the earl, are engaged in smuggling guns. 

To Emerald, Sean was a beautiful Irish prince who haunted her dreams. Soon thereafter, Emerald’s cruel English father discovers the affair his wife and Joseph O’Toole are having and sets about to destroy the Earl of Kildare and his family. He arranges for the arrest of the Earl of Kildare, who dies in prison, kills Joseph and sends Sean to prison on the false charge of murdering his brother. Over the next 5 years of hard labor in a “death sentence” prison, Sean meticulously plans his revenge, which includes Emerald…

I have never been disappointed by Virginia Henley and enjoyed this one very much. I loved the glimpse of Ireland and its people…and the hero is an Irish hunk to die for! I recommend it.

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