Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Review: Victoria Holt’s BRIDE OF PENDORRIC – Gothic Mystery Wrapped Around a Romance

Like most of Holt’s historical romances, I assume this one was set in the Victorian era but it takes place mostly in Cornwall. Favel Farrington was living with her artist father on the beautiful Isle of Capri when Roc Pendorric from Cornwall came into their studio one day and swept Favel off her feet.

Roc was a charmer from the beginning and soon they were wed, but the day was overshadowed by her father’s drowning death. Once Favel and Roc arrive at the ancestral home of the Pendorrics on the coast of Cornwall, Favel discovers the family legend of the “Bride of Pendorric”, where one who died became a ghost until replaced by another. And the last one, Roc’s mother, Barbarina, died young in a terrible accident. Supposedly she haunts the east wing of the estate.

There are some surprises in this story, one is a truth Favel learns when she befriends an old man living in the neighboring estate, a self-made man who takes a liking to Favel. It’s a truth hidden from her by her new husband.

While Favel is falling in love with Cornwall, accidents begin to happen that threaten her life. She begins to wonder if someone isn’t trying to kill her. With Roc having so many female admirers, Favel begins to wonder if one of them wouldn't like to take her place.


The ending may be a surprise but Holt did her best to string out the great reveal. 

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