Monday, June 13, 2016

Review: Judith E. French’s MOON DANCER – Love Among the Shawnee Indians on the American Frontier

Set in 1730 on the American frontier, this is the story of flame-haired Fiona O'Neal, an Irish girl who sold herself into indentured servitude in America to avoid starvation on the streets of Galway. First, her papers were sold to an unscrupulous man who ran a trading post and then to two rough backwoodsmen who wanted her for their beds. Thankfully, she is rescued by a mysterious Shawnee named Wolf Shadow, a young shaman who is respected by his people.

Very quickly, Wolf Shadow decides he loves Fiona and though his mission to unite the tribes against the English should have kept his thoughts from marriage, he says the words that unite him and Fiona. Fiona is a bit clueless about all things Shawnee until the Peace Woman explains them. When a Scot shows up, Fiona learns much about her past she did not know. An amulet she wears binds her to the past and to her white family.

As Fiona gets to know the Shawnee, we learn much about the Indians’ culture. Wolf Shadow is a worthy hero and show great patience with Fiona’s railing against his ways. Fiona has to come to terms with a life that is different than she imagined. But she is not alone as her past catches up with her. This is a good story, and French takes pains to make it a stand alone, but I recommend reading the series in order (list below) so you know all the other characters who appear.

Original cover with correct hair color
The Indian Moon series:

Highland Moon
Moon Dancer
This Fierce Loving
Shawnee Moon
Sundancer’s Woman

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