Friday, June 3, 2016

Review: Marie Piper’s HAVEN’S FLAME – Love in Texas and a Frontier Town

Set in Texas in 1886, this is the story of Matthew Frank, deputy Sheriff, and his childhood sweetheart, Haven Anderson, assistant to the town doctor. This is my first by this author and I must say, it was easy to read and enjoyable. Piper has a clear style that moves the story along at a nice pace.

The story begins with a touching scene when Matt and Haven become engaged. Though Matthew cannot wait to show his bride his passion, he nobly holds himself back and tells her nothing of his struggle. Meanwhile, with no discussion, Haven assumes he does not desire her and she fantasizes about being the town whore (there is one) and having a passionate encounter with the saloon owner, a handsome guy. All that was a bit strange, and Hank cared nothing for Mathew or Haven’s innocence. He would have been happy to seduce her… and tried.

I enjoyed the characters and a few twists and turns kept me guessing as a villain from the past showed up to wreak havoc and provide some grizzly action.
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