Monday, July 4, 2016

New Review: Amanda Hughes’ VAGABOND WIND – Great Civil War Adventure!

The story begins in 1853 in West Virginia as we meet Zya Lazar, a woman of Cherokee, Portuguese and African blood (a “Melungeon”—a person of tri-racial heritage) who was orphaned as a young child and raised by Romani gypsies. Her gypsy father is a kind man but her gypsy uncle is ruthless, cruel and uses her as well as his own sons for his raids that bring terror to the countryside.

Zya, trained up to be a part of the raids, marries one of her uncle’s sons when she is 14 and becomes “bait” to lure the unsuspecting settlers to the gypsies’ trap. Only later does Zya discover that her gypsy uncle murdered her father who was a free black and her family. When she learns this, she leaves to live in the wild for years.

When War Between the States breaks out, Capt. Davis Wyndham comes to Western Virginia where Zya is living in the woods and in trouble with the law (through no fault of her own). Davis gets the charges dropped on the condition she becomes his guide as he travels about the countryside raising a brigade of Confederates to harass the enemy. She agrees and becomes a part of his most unusual band of raiders.

Some wonderful characters in this well-written tale will hold you captive as you are plunged into the Civil War and Davis sets his band to interfering with the B&O Railroad. Zya and Davis soon find they are attracted to each other and love takes its course. But there are many obstacles and much they must overcome to be together.

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  1. Thanks a million, as always, Regan for sharing your wonderful review!