Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Review: Jennifer Horsman’s PASSIONS’ JOY – Love on the Underground Railroad: an Unusual English lord and an American Minx!

This is the story of Lord Ramsey (“Ram”) Barrington and the 17-year-old New Orleans minx, Joy Claret Reubens, who is a “conductor” in the Underground Railroad in the early 19th century. Sending slaves north to freedom is a dangerous business as Joy discovers when she dresses like a boy and accompanies the slaves to the boat that will take them to freedom. While keeping watch over some bounty hunters for her accomplices, she is spotted by Ram who is taking a run in the woods. And, forever after, her life is changed.

There are many things I love about Horsman’s writing: her detailed, believable plots, her action and adventure, the realism of the historical elements, her sexy strong heroes, her winsome heroines and her secondary characters. All that makes for a richer tale. I admire her ability to seamlessly move between points of view.

In this one, we have a hero who is a British lord but acts more like a pirate. Often, he plays the very bad cad. He will definitely make you angry. Oh, he has a generous heart and does some really good things, but his treatment of our heroine is sometimes less than stellar. If you can handle that, it’s a worthy adventure that will definitely hold your interest.

For those of you who love Horsman’s novels, be sure and read this before Virgin Star if you can, as this comes first. This one is set in 1818 in New Orleans and Virgin Star is set five years later in 1823—together they tell the story of two virile and worthy heroes who consider themselves brothers.

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