Sunday, August 28, 2016

Review: Marie Laval’s THE LION’S EMBRACE - A Mysterious Guide and the Algerian Desert Make for a Great Adventure!

Set in Algeria in 1845, this is the story of Harriet Montague who hires a mysterious guide, Lucas Saintclair, to take her to Tamanrasset where her father, an archeologist, has been taken prisoner by Tuareg fighters for taking treasures from Queen Tin Hinan’s tomb.

Harriet and Lucas set out across the desert with her father’s friend, Archie, in tow, who has assumed the disguise of her fiancé. Harriet’s a bit of a termagant and naïve for all that, constantly getting into trouble and defying the wise counsel of Saintclair. It was easy to see why Saintclair wanted to send her back to Algiers. Besides, he is always escaping into the night with his men on some errand for the rebel fighters defying the French. He doesn’t need a rebellious young woman trailing after him.

Laval serves up a cast of interesting and varied characters as Harriet, led by Saintclair, travels deeper into the Algerian deserts in search of her father. (I did want for a map.) Her story reflects much research into the culture and the land.

The Algerian Desert

The plot thickens as intrigue abounds. Harriet falls in love with Saintclair while he mostly lusts for her. But that, too, will change as they pursue the adventure together. If you are looking for an exotic desert locale and an intricate plot, you’ll find it here.

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