Friday, September 30, 2016

Review: Shirlee Busbee’s FOR LOVE ALONE – Murder, Mystery and a Marriage of Convenience… oh, my!

Set in 1805 (Prologue) and 1809, this is the story of Sophy, Lady Marlowe, who had the misfortune of being married off by her uncle to a brute, Simon, Marquis of Marlowe. She stood his abuse for a year, then learned to use a pistol and denied him her bed. But one night, Simon takes a plunge down their stairs. Was it an accident or murder?

It turns out that Simon was feeding information to Napoleon through a man known as Le Renard, “the Fox”, and was fool enough to threaten the spy with exposure. It cost Simon his life but the manner of death cast suspicion on Sophy.

Viscount Harrington is an interesting guy. A former officer, he has been dispatched to hunt for the Fox. That hunt brings him to Sophy’s rescue. First, he defends her against her despicable uncle and then he saves her from the gallows. He means to have her and it seems he will, for it is marriage to him that will be her salvation.

Harrington was a force and even strong-willed Sophy was not able to resist him. Busbee does a great job of bringing us into the Regency era with its house parties, balls and aristocracy with too much time on its hands. It’s a long tale at 448 pages but your patience will be rewarded with an exciting finish. Busbee’s fans will be sure to enjoy it.

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