Friday, September 23, 2016

Review: Teresa Medeiros’ SOME LIKE IT WILD – Captivating Regency with a Highland Twist

Set in 1814, it begins in the Highlands and later moves to the outskirts of London. It tells the story of orphans Pamela Darby and her half sister Sophie. Their mother, a famous actress, was killed in a suspicious fire that Pamela thinks is tied into her mother's friendship with the Duchess of Warrick.

When the Duchess, now dead, ran away from her unfaithful husband, she took her baby son and started a new life in Scotland while laying a trail to France. Only Pamela knows the duchess went to Scotland since only she has the note the duchess left Pamela's mother.

Pamela and her sister need money to live and to save Sophie from a lecherous viscount. They hope to collect the reward for finding the duke's lost heir so they rent a carriage and head for Scotland. When Pamela's search suggests the baby boy died with the duchess, she decides to find a Highlander who can pretend to be the duke's son.

Who should happen along but a highwayman with gray eyes and a god-like body? Connor Kincaid gave up on his dream to restore his clan and has been living the life of a highwayman robbing the dreaded English who murdered his father and mother. He has little to lose and English money and a title to gain, so when Pamela proposes he pretend to be the duke's son, he agrees. When he gets to London, the old duke easily accepts him as his son saying he has his mother's eyes. Conner is happy to play along. He decides that to keep Pamela by his side he will claim she is his fiancé. Pamela doesn't like it but she can say nothing.

This was a fast moving, well-written tale. The first part of the story that took place in the Highlands was fun and I liked the back-story of Conner's early life. Medeiros did a great job of showing us why he was truly a hero worth loving. The rest of the story (except the ending that brings us back to the Highlands) takes place in the duke's home at Warrick. The developing relationships and chemistry between Pamela and Conner were well done. There are some great secondary characters, including the duke and his nephew. Medeiros does a bit of "head hopping" in some scenes but it did not detract from the story.

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