Thursday, October 13, 2016

Review: Kathleen Givens’ ON A HIGHLAND SHORE and RIVALS FOR THE CROWN – Keepers!

I only discovered Kathleen Givens just as she passed away unexpectedly in January 2010. I so loved her books that it broke my heart to lose such a great writer of historical romance. But she left us six wonderful historical novels to treasure. All are “keepers”, including the two I’m featuring today. Both are set in 13th century Scotland.

On a Highland Shore
On Scotland's western shore, the village of Somerstrath prepares for the wedding of Margaret MacDonald, the laird's daughter. But a merciless band of Vikings threatens and Margaret doesn’t know if she can trust the noblemen from King Alexander's court, who insists that only by adhering to a betrothal dor political gain will she find safety. And she wonders if she can put her trust in the half-Irish, half-Norse warrior, Gannon MacMagnus.

Margaret is a brave heroine who handles all with courage and Gannon is a noble man who would claim the woman others want.

Givens does a superb job of weaving English and Scottish history into an epic romance and a tale of Highlander families swept up in the great themes of Scotland's history. If you love historically authentic romance, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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Rivals for the Crown 

This story follows some 30 years later when the young Queen of Scots dies en route to claim the crown. Two bitter foes—John Balliol and Robert Bruce—emerge as possible successors, but England's Edward I has his own designs on Scotland.

In London, Edward has expelled all Jews from his kingdom. Rachel de Anjou must leave behind her best friend, Isabel de Burke, and travel with her family to the Scottish border town of Berwick for their safety. And then she meets the tall, dark Highlander, Kieran MacDonald, who would have her heart.

Innocent Isabel, lady-in-waiting to Edward's queen, Eleanor, is soon immersed in a world of privilege and peril where she attracts the notice of two men—Henry de Boyer, an English knight, and Rory MacGannon, a Highland warrior and outlaw. Isabel and Rachel are reunited in Berwick, but enmity between Scotland and England
leads to war.

This story stayed with me long after I turned the last page… it’s a well-written story of choices, not just those of Rachel and Isabel, but also of the men who would have them. I promise it will tug at your heartstrings.

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