Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Review: Lisa Jackson’s ENCHANTRESS: Captivating Welsh Medieval Romance!

Jackson’s writing is superb, her feel for the medieval period genuine, her plot interesting and the characters engaging.

This story captured me from the beginning. It's the first in a medieval trilogy that takes place in Wales. Jackson weaves in myth and legends while still retaining the fundamental belief the characters have in the God of heaven, so as to capture the feel of another time and place where people were influenced by superstition and beliefs in forces of nature. Each in the trilogy is well written and quite wonderful. I recommend you read them in order as they are related and characters in the first show up in the last.

Set in late 13th century Wales, this is the story of independent, headstrong Morgana of Wenlock, who has the gift of sight and visions she inherited from her grandmother. With her gift she has helped others, finding lost souls and even saving some from death. Now she will be called upon to help the handsome widower Baron Garrick Maginnis of Castle Abergwynn find his missing son.

Morgana dreads this "lord of the north" because she's seen a vision of such a man bringing death. When the Baron comes to collect her and she is caught disobeying her father, her sire banishes her from Wenlock and gives her to the Baron (her father's liege lord), with the freedom to choose whom she will wed. Miserable, Morgana leaves her home but vowing to return and so the adventure begins.

There's treachery at Abergwynn and the man to whom Garrick would give Morgana—his cousin and a senior knight—is a man Morgana dreads.

You won't regret reading this one. It's a well told, captivating romance, a tale of love between the headstrong, noble girl and the bitter lord desperate to save his son even as greed and treachery swirl around them. I highly recommend it.

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