Sunday, October 23, 2016

Review: Shelly Thacker’s HIS STOLEN BRIDE – French Noblewoman Abducted by a Highland Chief

First released under the title Falcon on the Wind, the story is set in Scotland in 1294 and tells of Lady Laurien d'Amboise, who step father would force her to wed the cruel comte de Villiers. She is just about to escape when she is abducted by Highland lord Darach of Glenshiel who needs her to secure France’s support for Scotland.

Laurien thought to return to the convent at Tours where she grew up but that was before Darach captured her heart. Little does she know he is already married. And that won’t stop Darach from claiming what he wants.

A clever plot with a twist toward the end and some good action scenes keeps the reader turning pages. 

I enjoyed the characters and anytime I can get a bit of the Highlands in the story, I’m delighted. There are a few historical references that anchor the story well in Scotland’s history.

My first by Thacker; it won’t be my last.

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