Wednesday, December 21, 2016

New Review: Brenda Joyce’s THE GAME – Elizabethan Pirate Romance! A Keeper!

Brenda Joyce has delivered a sweeping historical saga replete with the characters of the day who influenced Queen Elizabeth, a central figure in the story. It is complex richly woven tapestry of historical forces, brilliant minds and passion between a man and woman leading to love though everything conspiring against them.

Set in in 1562 in Queen Elizabeth's reign, it tells the story of Katherine FitzGerald, a beautiful Irish noblewoman who has lived the last six years of her life in a Norman convent due to her Irish lord father's reversals. Finally able to persuade the Abbess to let her leave with her friend, Juliet, who has been called home to Cornwall, the two young women are abducted on the high seas by the notorious golden-haired pirate, Liam O'Neill, bastard son of a barbaric Irish clan chieftain who raped his mother, an English noblewoman.

The first time Liam sees Katherine on the deck of his ship, he knows he has to have her. But Katherine resists his seduction and insists he take her to her father. He agrees and in London she learns her father is impoverished, his titles and lands stripped from him and he is under house arrest, deposed by his cousin FitzMaurice who is a thorn in the side of Queen Elizabeth.

With her fortune gone and her dream of a noble marriage lost, it seems Katherine will become the pirate's prize. But Liam's plans are interrupted when they are captured and brought before a furious Queen Elizabeth. Katherine throws herself on Elizabeth's mercy and Lord Leicester and William Cecil urge the queen to keep Katherine as a lady in waiting, which the Queen does, jealous of the pirate's affections for the beauty.

The Queen arranges a marriage for Katherine that will take her away from Liam and the court, but the pirate, determined to keep her, has in mind "the Game" wherein he plays for high stakes that will keep Katherine his and see her father restored to his former title and lands in Ireland.

Katherine is a brave and beautiful woman who does not wait for others to determine her fate but acts even if somewhat impetuously. Liam is a pirate, yes, but he is also a man of noble intentions, great loyalties and capable of a great love. He tries to break the hold of his past and the legacy of his brutal chieftain father who took him from his mother when he was only seven even as all in Elizabeth's court would remind him of his parentage. Without a country or a home, he becomes the Master of the Seas.

This is a page-turner and will hold your interest. A keeper! I highly recommend it.

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