Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: A.M. Westerling’s A HEART ENSLAVED – Entertaining Viking Romance

The story begins in Frisia (today a large part of the Netherlands) in 850 as Thorvald Stronghawk, a jarl from Norway, banished by a false accusation of murder, has gone raiding and attacks Gisela’s home, killing her father and taking her captive. Thorvald finds few treasures because Gisela’s father has wisely hidden them. Only his two daughters had keys to the buried chests, Gisela and her sister, who escaped the Vikings.

Thorvald intended to sell Gisela to gain the money to pay compensation to regain his place, but Gisela challenges him to clear his name with the truth, not money. When his evil half brother Karl Wormtongue tries to buy her, Thorvald buys her back, giving up his gold and his sword to keep her. So, Gisela is forced to accompany him back to his home. She is determined to have her freedom and return home, but he treats her kindly, unlike any thrall and she knows she could have done much worse.

A well-written story with some good scenes traveling on a Viking longship and then at the Hedeby market where slaves were sold. The author has done much research into the customs of the Norse and their mythology, which also shows. All in all, an entertaining read.


  1. Such a pleasure to be featured on your blog, Regan. This was a fun story to write and the research into the Viking era gave me the main story line - Thorvald intending to sell Gisela to be able to pay restitution for a crime he didn't commit. :)