Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Review: Ashley York’s THE SEVENTH SON – The Virgin Irish Bride Gets Her Man

Set in Ireland in 1075, this is the story of Tadhg MacNaughton, whose betrothal to Tisa O'Brien, arranged when they were children, was broken by his father before he died. Uncovering a terrible secret, Tadhg believes he knows why, but that doesn’t lessen the pain from losing the woman he loves.

Tisa O'Brien’s life suddenly changes when her father marries her to the son of another chieftain in order to gain warriors for their defense. Her new husband, Darragh of the Meic Lochlainn clan, doesn’t even want her. He prefers his male lover. Meanwhile she must deal with the lustful advances of her father-in-law, Aodh, and his men. The only one she wants is Tadhg, who she still dreams about.

To provide his clan food for the winter, Tadhg agrees to fight for Aodh, who is preparing an army to make himself the new High King of Eire. When a sinister plot to overthrow King William of England, led by the exiled Leofrid Godwin and Clan Meic Lochlainn, comes to light, Tadhg must decide if he will warn the Normans and save his sister, Brighit, and her husband. Meanwhile, he is tortured by having to be close to his former love who he believes is well and truly wed.

This is a tale of secrets, treachery and man’s cruelty and lust. Yet, in the midst of it, there are honorable men and women. Some exciting action scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat. And Tadhg and Tisa are worthy characters. It’s a well-written tale from 11th century Ireland. Medieval fans of tales set in Ireland will enjoy it.

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