Thursday, April 20, 2017

My Favorite Classic Historical Romance Novel Covers!

I know some of you miss the old covers because you've told me so. They had so much emotion in them. And they gave us a real sense of the hero and heroine. Amazingly, many featured heroes wearing clothes!
I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites from my best lists. And you must tell me yours!

A Gentle Feuding
Beloved Rogue
Bride of the MacHugh
Capture the Sun
Comanche Heart
Fire and Steel
Golden Lady
Lady Vixen
Love Unwilling
Master of Desire
Midnight Masquerade
My Lord Monleigh
My Love, My Enemy
Passion's Ransom
Pirate in my Arms
Rose in Splendor
Silver Storm
Star of the West
Surrender in Moonlight
The Black Lyon
The Black Swan
The Dragon and the Jewel
The Falcon and the Flower
The Pirate and the Pagan
The Silver Devil
The Taming
The Border Lord
Dark Before the Rising Sun
Wild Bells to the Wild Sky
Irish Linen


  1. Oh I really love these covers!!!! I miss the old fashioned painted style covers:( Historical romances have such modern looking covers these days :(

    1. I do agree Vellum. Some of the "historical romance" covers these days look too much like contemporaries and, in my opinion, show too much skin.