Monday, May 15, 2017

Review: Heather Graham’s CONQUER THE NIGHT – Scottish Historical Rich in Scotland’s History of the 13th Century

Set in 1297, beginning near the forest of Selkirk, this is the story of a Scot and a patriot, Sir Arryn Graham, whose pregnant wife and his people were murdered by the English. Arryn lives for revenge and to serve William Wallace, Scotland’s great hope for freedom.

Arryn comes to Seacairn Castle to take both it and it’s lady, Kyra, betrothed to the English brute Kinsey Darrow. Arryn hates Darrow for his rape and murder of Arryn’s wife and the burning of his home and the Scottish people.

Despite fighting him at every turn, Kyra eventually gives in to his lovemaking. She is torn between her loyalty to the Edward, the English king, and her growing affection for the hard man who leads the Scots that have taken her castle. She is half-Scot, half-English, caught between two warring peoples. King Edward is determined to own all of Britain and he cares not what cruel tactics his men use against the Scots.
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This is the second in a series of Graham's historical novels of the Graham clan in Scotland. This one is set in the 13th century when Alexander III was King of Scotland (he dies in the prologue) and Edward reigns in England. I love Graham's writing and the fact she does deep research to bring the history to life. She does a great job of keeping the action going, drawing you in and keeping the sexual tension high.

Arryn is a man with a tortured soul who must overcome the hatred he feels for Kinsey to find love with Kyra. She is an honorable and courageous and gradually wins the hearts of Arryn's men. Eventually, she wins Arryn, too. A great read.

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