Sunday, May 7, 2017

Review: Kathleen Givens’ THE LEGEND - A Wonderful Scottish Historical!

I am a devoted fan of Kathleen Givens's stories. I loved the Torridon duology about twin brothers from the Clan MacCurrie living on the Northwestern shore of Scotland at their family seat, Torridon.

Set in 17th century Scotland (and England), while perhaps not as good as On A Highland Shore or Rivals For The Crown or the Kilgannon duology, I did really enjoy it. Givens has a real talent for weaving true history into a story that captures the reader’s mind as well as the heart. Always her tales tug at my heartstrings.

This two book series (The Legend and The Destiny) present the Clan MacCurrie and a legend told by the Seer about two brothers, twins Neil and Jamie, and their family. Their father, grandfather and great grandfather all died on their birthday--just as the Seer predicted. The twins were conceived the night the great oak tree that is the clan symbol was split in two by lightening. Yet each half of the tree lived. And the legend tells of the brothers going to war and then of 50 years of peace. The two brothers are very close, even communicating without speaking.

This first story is Jamie's and Ellen's and it begins as the Highland clans are gathering to consider if they will go to war to fight for King James' right to rule or accept William and Mary who have been declared co-regents. It is decided that Jamie must attend the gathering in Neil's place and they believe since they are twins, no one will know.

Ellen is the youngest daughter of a family in turmoil. While her two older sisters have married for love and are happy, her stepfather brought deceit and treachery to her mother's life and her own. Ellen learns of a plot on the life of her cousin, Dundee, who has become the champion of the Highlanders, and she feels she must go to the clan gathering to warn him. On the way, Jamie will save Ellen from brigands.

If you love Scottish history and Highlander romance, you will find both in this tale.  And for Neil's story, get The Destiny!

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