Saturday, June 24, 2017

Review: Catherine Anderson’s COMANCHE MOON – Enthralling Saga of Love between a Comanche Warrior and a Fair Maiden of the “White Eyes”

Anderson’s writing is superb and she is a great storyteller. This is the first in her Comanche series—an “epic” historical from the Old West.

Just reading “The Prophecy” at the beginning made me cry, so I knew I was in for a heartrending story. It begins in 1859 in Texas when Comanche brave Hunter of the Wolf’s tribe is slaughtered by the Blue Coats, and his wife, heavy with his child, was raped and slain. He vowed to have his revenge.

Before that, Loretta Simpson’s parents were murdered by the Comanche. And since that day, she has not spoken a word. Half-breed Hunter of the Wolf knows that according to a prophecy, he is to join with a white woman who does not speak and he must treasure her forever. Years later, urged on by his mother, though he hates the white man, Hunter takes Loretta—a blonde mute woman—as his woman, leaving her uncle many ponies, forcibly stealing her away.

Loretta hates the Comanche and is determined to escape Hunter or die trying.

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Anderson’s descriptions paint vivid pictures, so clear you can see yourself in the action, feel the pain and hear the screams. When Loretta is hot you feel hot and when she is chilled you feel yourself growing cold. She masterfully uses language to put you into the mind of the Comanche (“As had happened so many times in his life, his grief had to walk behind his responsibilities, like a woman behind her husband.”) As Hunter teaches Loretta the Comanche language, we learn it, too. Very clever. The action moves along at a good clip, with just the right amount of introspection.

There are many threads to the plot, all skillfully woven into an amazing story. It’s a story of prejudice, hate and vengeance—and the understanding, love and forgiveness that can change a heart. Trust me, you’ll have trouble putting this one down!

The Comanche series:

Comanche Moon
Comanche Heart (Loretta’s cousin, Amy and Swift Antelope)
Indigo Blue (Hunter and Loretta’s daughter)
Comanche Magic (Hunter and Loretta’s son)

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