Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Review: Mary Jo Putney’s ONCE A REBEL – The War of 1812 Comes Alive!

Set in 1814 (Prologue in 1799), this is the story of Callista (“Callie “) Brooke, who sought refuge in Washington when her husband died in Jamaica. As the British burn the Capital, she discovers her best friend Lord Gordon Audley who she thought dead is alive and has been sent from England to bring her home.

Gordon and Callie have a history, one that brought them both to near ruin, but now they come together to survive the war in America. Gordon has feelings for Callie but she vows never to wed again. Having made a life as a successful seamstress, renowned for her gowns, she likes the feel of independence and she has two stepchildren of mixed race who she vows to protect.

Both Callie and Gordon hate and are hated by their families and have no wish to see them again. Callie has mixed feelings about returning to England but the more she thinks of it and Gordon, the more appealing it is.

Putney has given us a historically authentic tale with some great action scenes from the War of 1812 as the British burn Washington and lay siege to Baltimore. Through it all, Gordon tries to win Callie’s love and she wonders if her home is America or England. A well written tale fans of Putney will love!

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