Saturday, July 29, 2017

Review: Rosemary Rogers’ AN HONORABLE MAN – Love and the Underground Railroad During the Civil War

Set in the South beginning in Jackson, Mississippi in 1861, this is the story of Cameron Campbell, a sheltered Southern belle and the daughter of a respected Mississippi senator.

When her father decides to stand with the Union and move his family north, Cameron’s world changes. Her father dies in a mysterious accident and a man from her past, one she once thought never to see again, comes back into her life.

Years ago, Captain Jackson Logan walked away from Cameron. Now he hopes to win her back but he has a job to do in the war and not just the blockade running everyone’s awar of. Cam doesn’t trust him and she often does stupid things placing herself and those she loves in danger for Jackson, an honorable man to save her.

Cameron’s brother—a bitter man jealous of Cameron’s favor in the sight of their father—takes his vengeance out on the slaves their father would have freed. Grant Campbell lives a dissolute life, indulging his whims and passions and squandering the inheritance left to him. To save those closest to her, Cameron is forced to seek Jackson’s help.

Rogers delivers an emotion-filled tale but you won’t see much of the Civil War battles. You will get a sense for the risk those using the Underground Railroad took to find freedom in the North. And President Lincoln makes a cameo appearance. As for the characters, the hero is a noble sort with the charm of a rogue; the heroine is brave at times, but at others, her stupid and risky actions had me rolling my eyes. But Rogers writes well and manages to give us a good story.

This is book one in the Logan Duology. Return to Me is book 2.

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