Sunday, October 8, 2017

Review: Adriana Girolami’s TEMPLAR’S REDEMPTION - Unusual Action-Packed Medieval Historical

Set in 1485 in a mythical kingdom, this is the story of Polyxena of Nemours, Duchess of Lorengard-Lorraine, who, as the story opens, is living an idyllic life with her husband, Arsenio, Duke of Lorengard-Lorraine. Into their lives comes a conniving woman, Melora, who becomes Polyxena’s lady in waiting, all the while serving her own evil purposes.

The story refers to others in the series so I recommend reading them in order. Polyxena harbors guilt from her time as a captive of the Muslim leader, Lord Zanar (in another story). And, when Zanar suddenly appears, she worries what he intends. (We do not learn for some time).

The author has a unique style that brings the story to us mostly through a narrator’s storytelling, which takes many paths. Occasionally there is an omniscient voice giving us a spot of history. The romance between Polyxena and Arsenio is not central to the story. As the story develops, we learn about one of Polyxena’s ancestors, Wilfred the Valiant, Third Duke of Nemours, and a “Templar's Treasure” he and her father were involved in protecting. The treasure, believed to be in Nemours, is now threatened by an evil sheik.

Polyxena is a perfect woman, beautiful, brave, able to hunt with the men, charge into battle and keep her handsome husband satisfied. Her only flaw seems to be her fear of her time with Zanar becoming known. It is that fear Melora plays on to get her position.

Many threads come together at the end and there is an exciting battle scene to look forward to.

The Templar Trilogy

The Mysterious Templar
The Crimson Amulet
Templar’s Redemption

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