Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Review: Denise Domning’s AWAKEN THE HEART – A Strong Knight Claims His Bride

Set in 1211, this is the story of Stephen de Brazdifer, who leaves Ireland for England, intent on claiming the bride denied him 15 years ago promised to him by an ancient royal writ. But King John has plans to keep her wealth for himself. So Stephen steals her from the cavalcade transporting her to the king.

Newly widowed Cecilia de Gradinton rides with her mother-in-law under royal escort and then they are attacked and Stephen sweeps her away. After Cecilia has only just met Stephen, lust overcomes her and she sleeps with him in the woods. Stephen thinks of her as his wife but she knows nothing of that. She just likes his body. Once she learns he intends to kidnap her, she changes her mind and thinks of him as a “false knight”.

Rich in history and detail, this is a tale that will immerse you in the politics of medieval England. Domning has done her research and brings to life the era, including the whims of royalty without honor. Stephen is a knight to admire: strong and courageous and determined to have what belongs to him. Cecilia is more wavering, at one point deciding to hate him and then quickly deciding he’s the husband for her.

A tale recommended for those who enjoy a slower pace and lots of historical detail.

Note: Denise will be my guest on the blog tomorrow!

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