Saturday, October 28, 2017

Review: Nicole Locke’s THE KNIGHT’S SCARRED MAIDEN – Two Scarred People Find Love in Medieval England

Set in England in 1295, this is the story of Rhain, a mercenary knight for King Edward, who is being hunted by a warlord for killing the man’s brother. Fleeing north to York, Rhain and his men rescue a woman from a from a gang of evil men. Helissent is scarred on the right side of her face and body from a terrible fire that took her family. Knowing what she will face when Rhain leaves, Helissent insists he take her with him.

Helissent flaunts her scars before people, knowing they will be repulsed, but Rhain sees beneath the scars to the kind, unselfish woman she is. And she bakes wonderful sweet rolls. She sees Rhain as the most beautiful man she has ever encountered, a golden Welshman, but he, too, bears scars just not the kind you can see. Each carries shame for their past and each believes they are unworthy of the other.

As death stalks Rhain, he wants to see Helissent safe, but he cannot bear to leave her behind, and she does not want him to leave her. Rhain and Helissent continue to experience angst for their past as they travel north together.

This is a well-written story with vivid descriptions that bring to life the medieval villages and characters. The details reflect much research and enrich the tale. A few secondary characters—both the good and bad—add to the story. Recommended for readers who like emotional depth in their romances.

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