Monday, November 13, 2017

Lillian White’s THE UNSCHOOLED HEART – Unusual Victorian with a Staunch Heroine

Set in England in the 1860s, this is the story of Lord and Lady Peaton of Highton Manor, who have a troubled marriage due to his infidelity. He’s even brought his young mistress into their home, ostensibly as governess to his children. Elizabeth, Lady Peaton has nowhere to turn. When her husband befriends Noah Parlow, a former Royal Hussar, now crippled, Elizabeth gains an ally. Then into her dull existence comes an event that changes everything.

White writes well and brings you into the home of this troubled couple. You won’t see much of the children or any secondary characters, but the story is rich in Elizabeth’s emotions as she struggles to give meaning to her life. The romance between her and Noah comes on slowly but blossoms quickly, particularly after a tragedy.

The ending came as a surprise as the virtuous wife takes her revenge and Elizabeth and Noah get away with a terrible crime. Not for those who like their heroines without major flaws but intriguing nonetheless. 
If you are looking for an unusual Victorian romance, this is one to try.

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