Thursday, January 11, 2018

Heather Graham’s LORD OF THE WOLVES – Great Viking Romance!

This is the third in Graham's excellent Viking trilogy. Set in 9th century Ireland (Eire), England and the north coast of France, the trilogy tells the stories of Prince Olaf of Norway, the first Lord of the Wolves, and his bride, Princess Erin, the daughter of the Irish High King, the Ard-Righ of Tara, and their descendants.

I warn you that the Viking men in this series are strong willed, arrogant and domineering and those in the last two books are half Irish. Their loves are independent, stubborn and courageous women who have lost much and still can fight with the best of the men. They have no intention of allowing a Viking male who has taken everything from them to dominate them. But then wolves and the cubs of wolves mate for life or so says the druid who is advisor to the Irish king's family--and these men are wolves. Each of the marriages is arranged over the objection of the females who fight the husbands laying claim to their lands and to them.

This third in the series tells the story of Olaf and Erin's son, Conar, who like his father is known as the Lord of the Wolves for he has been great in battle, and Countess Melisande whose castle lies on the north coast of France. Melisande's father, Count Manon, a virile and handsome man, loves his daughter deeply and takes pride in her beauty, her intelligence and her independence. At nearly 13, he knows her growing beauty and her vulnerability as Countess will require that she must one day wed and he's been surveying worthy candidates for the eventual day. With such a purpose in mind, he invites the Wolf's son, Conar, from Eire (Ireland) who he's been impressed with before, to visit his lands in France and meet Melisande. He will not force her to consider him if she doesn't like him, however.

Conar arrives just as the Count is slain by a neighbor who covets his daughter and his lands. With the Count's men now leaderless, and believing Conar will protect their lands, they decide Melisande must marry Conar (though the marriage cannot be consummated for many years). Melisande, who takes an instant dislike to the arrogant and demanding Viking, is forced into the marriage. Conar is only willing to marry the difficult child to get the lands. Once wed (in a hasty ceremony), he sends her away to Ireland to his sister who is a nun so she can grow up. His family falls in love with her and many years later he decides to come for her. But she has escaped to his brother, Eric, who is in England. She has no intention of being Conar's wife in truth. She wants an annulment. But Conar will "never" let her go.

Conar gave his body to his mistresses and his mind and heart to his family and his rune reader, the lovely blonde Brenna. So it was a bit hard to see how he could love Melisande, However, it does come together in the end. It’s a worthy installment in the series, and as always, Graham delivers a good tale. She can create tension between a couple, that’s for sure.

The Viking Trilogy:
Golden Surrender
The Viking’s Woman
Lord of the Wolves

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