Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kathleen Kirkwood’s THE CAPTIVE HEART – A worthy tale of loyalty, treachery and love.

This is book 3 in the Heart trilogy and it begins in Ireland in 933 A.D. with Rhiannon seeking revenge for what she suffered on the Steppe for which she blames Ailinn who lives in Normandy with her devoted husband. Rhiannon means to capture Ailinn and bring her to Ireland. But Rhiannon makes a mistake and captures the wrong woman.

In Normandy, Aileanor, daughter of Ailinn, and her siblings are playing in a pear orchard when Garreth of Tamworth, an agent for Athelstan, King of England, passes through and saves Aileanor from having to climb down a tree without a ladder. After that, he is enamored of the young woman and means to make her his. Meanwhile, Rhiannon’s goons capture Aileanor thinking she is her mother (they both have red hair) and sail away with her. How fortuitous it is that Garreth took the same ship!

Garreth is plans to marry Aileanor. But England’s king may have oher plans for his valiant warrior.

Rich in historical detail, Kirkwood draws a vivid picture of the Norse who lived in medieval France and the Saxons in England. She has obviously done her research into the era and the history. The story is populated with both real and fictional characters, some from the first two in the trilogy. I do recommend reading them in order. It’s a worthy tale of loyalty, treachery and love.

The Heart Trilogy:

The Valiant Heart
The Defiant Heart
The Captive Heart

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