Friday, March 9, 2018

Amy Fetzer’s THE IRISH KNIGHT – Superb Story of an Irish Princess and a Knight who is Loyal to the English King

A well-told tale set in Medieval Ireland that blends fantasy and historical fiction for a wonderful romance.

Set in the late 12th century, this is the story of Connal PenDragon, an Irish warrior and knight who fights for King Richard, away on crusade. Richard orders him to return to Ireland and secure the peace by marrying Sinead of Antrim, his childhood friend who is known to be a witch. Sinead remembers Connal well. She once saw him as her soul mate but he spurned her and now she considers him a traitor for fighting for England, even against his own people.

Connal must marry her for duty and to unite their lands for England, but she refuses, telling him he must win her heart, or she will never be his. Forbidden since childhood to use her magic on him, she has no weapons to fight the emotions she feels for him or power to deal with the dreams that speak of Connal’s death.

Fetzer has done a superb job of injecting fairies and magic into a well-researched historical novel. It’s Ireland, after all, so it all seemed to fit. The characters are worthy. Connal is noble and Sinead is strong and determined to do right for her people. Their love is a slow burn. The dialog was rich and captured my attention. I guess I could say I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

The Irish Trilogy

The Irish Princess
The Irish Enchantress
The Irish Knight

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