Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Donna Fletcher’s THE IRISH DEVIL – Endearing Irish Love Story

Set in 1171, this is the story of a powerful, undefeated warrior (“the Irish Devil”) who was awarded lands and the choice of a lord’s daughters for his wife in exchange for his loyalty to the Irish king.

Eric of Shanekill chooses the gentle but courageous Lady Faith, not realizing she bears the scar of a brutal attack years ago and has lived with the shame inflicted upon her. Like the others, when Eric learns she was attacked, he assumes the worst—that her innocence was taken. As a result, he refuses to consummate the marriage until he knows the truth. Faith stubbornly refuses to tell him, wanting him to believe she is still a virgin.

It’s a well-told tale with intrigue and a murder for Eric and his valiant men to solve. I loved the faithful dog that guarded Faith. Rook became a central character, with charm and noble nature…and in the end a hero. You will love him. 

Fletcher did a great job of developing Eric and his two closest friends, his half brother Borg and Colin. Faith was an endearing heroine, strong and caring, who turned a tragedy into doing good for others. I enjoyed this romance and can recommend it.

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