Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Kimberly Cates’ ONLY FOREVER – Irish Lass Soothes A Troubled Texas Soul

The story begins in 1847 as Sister Ashleen O'Shea, a novice nun in Ireland, steals a chalice from the convent to gain passage to America for her and four orphans destined for the poorhouse. Her goal is to reach Oregon and make a new life for the children but she ends up in Texas where she must rely on a rough cowboy, Garret MacQuade.

As a youth, Garret's family was torn from him by ruthless outlaws. Since then, he has lived a hard life. His only passion is his painting that reveals his heart. When a man he cared for as a father gives Garret’s family homestead to Ashleen, he is forced to help her.

Cates writes very well, creating vivid pictures of life in 19th century Texas and wonderful characters. 

Ashleen is a strong heroine who soothes Garret’s troubled soul. The children are wonderful, each having an issue but healing thanks for Ashleen and Garret. The two villains who are pursuing Garret (and Ashleen, too) are truly despicable adding to the suspense. From Ireland to the American West, it’s a worthy tale.

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