Thursday, April 26, 2018

Kat Martin’s GYPSY LORD – Great Classic Gypsy Love Story set in France

Set in 1805, beginning in England, this is the story of Catherine Barrington, Countess of Arondale who, because of her cousin’s avarice, is abducted and sold to gypsies in France. Catherine is a survivor and manages to keep her innocence in tact, but is unable to gain her freedom. When tall, handsome Dominic sees one of his Romany band beating a beautiful, flame-haired woman, he buys her for his own.

Dominic has no idea of Catherine’s real identity and she never tells him. Nor does he tell her that he is the educated and English-raised son of the Marquess of Gravenwold. He wants her as his lover (he has vowed never to marry) but “Catrina” (his name for her) denies Dominic and plots her escape.

This is a well-told classic with lots of twists and adventure as Dominic woos the woman he wants and she resists. Treachery abounds and there are some exciting scenes to add to the love story set in the time of Napoleon. Some great characters add depth, including Dominic’s gypsy mother. While most of the story takes place in France, it does end in England.

If you like the rich historical detail found in classic romances, this is a good choice. And who doesn’t love a handsome half-gypsy?


  1. thanks for your great review of one of my personal favorites! so glad you enjoyed Dominic and Catherine! Warm wishes, Kat Martin.

    1. I did enjoy it, Kat. And I'd be happy to review any of your historicals you might like me to read!