Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Aleen Malcolm’s THE DAUGHTERS OF CAMERON – A Splendid Finish in the Highlands for a Great Trilogy... A Keeper!

This is a brilliant finish to the Cameron trilogy of stories set in the Highlands and the wilderness of America… all highly recommended. This one features the two daughters of Cameron, a feisty lass whose daughters are much like her.

It begins in 1782 in the Great Lakes region of the American wilderness after the war. Golden-haired Kestrel and her sister, the raven-haired Rue have experienced hardship and the brutality of evil men. Thus, they have walled off their hearts and trust no one.

Dr. Nick Mackay, fresh from the battlefield, promises Cameron he will wed Kestrel and care for her. Very soon, he realizes what Cameron must have seen—that he loves the wild girl. Meanwhile, the pirate Hawk captures the ship the two sisters are sailing on to Scotland and decides to make Rue his wife.

I love Aleen Malcolm’s writing. She is historically detailed; her stories reflect much research and they are emotionally moving. I can forgive her the frequent head hopping as she jumps from one character’s mind to another because her characters are so well developed, so endearing. Simply wonderful.

Malcolm holds back nothing as she reveals the savagery young women faced on the frontier but she brings into the sisters’ lives wonderful men to love and care for them and tame their wild spirits. They can be read as stand alones but get the trilogy. You will love it.

The Cameron trilogy:

The Taming (Sir Alex Sinclair and Cameron, set in the Highlands)
Ride Out the Storm (Alex and Cameron in the New World)
The Daughters of Cameron (Rue Sinclair and Torquin MacKay and Kestral Sinclair and Alex MacKay

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