Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Get in the Mood for Christmas! Regan's Christmas Stories all 99¢ November 5-8

Want to get in the mood for the Christmas season? Now’s the time to grab my Christmas stories. They are 99¢ each for this week, November 5-8! 

A Secret Scottish Christmas:

Scotland 1819
Twin brothers Nash and Robbie Powell of Powell & Sons Shipping, London, sail with their fellow Agents of the Crown to Scotland for a secret celebration of Christmastide, a holiday long frowned upon by the Scottish Kirk. But more than Christmas is being kept secret. The two brothers have accepted an assignment from the Home Secretary Lord Sidmouth to ferret out a fugitive fomenting rebellion among the Scots.

Aileen Stephen, the only daughter of an Aberdeen shipbuilder, had to be clever, devious and determined to gain her place in the family business. She succeeded to become a designer of highly coveted ships. One night, a man’s handsome face appears to her in a dream. When two men having that same face arrive on a ship full of Londoners, Ailie wonders what her second sight is telling her. Is the face she saw a portender of the future, a harbinger of danger, or both? And which of the two Englishmen is the one in her dream?

“Walker stuns with her gift for storytelling, magically entwining historic fact and fiction to create a thought provoking, sensual romance, one that will stay with you.”
 – Chicks, Rogues & Scandals

 The Twelfth Night Wager:

It was a dull day at White’s the day he agreed to the wager: seduce, bed and walk away from the lovely Lady Leisterfield, all by Twelfth Night. But this holiday season, Christopher St. Ives, Viscount Eustace, planned to give himself a gift.

She was too proper by half—or so was the accusation of her friends, which was why her father had found her a husband. But Lord Leisterfield was now gone a year, and Grace was at last shedding the drab colors of mourning. The house felt empty, more so during the coming Christmastide, and so tonight would begin with a scandalous piece of theater. The play would attract rogues, or so promised her friend the dowager countess. Rogues, indeed. The night would preface the greatest danger—and the greatest happiness—that Grace had ever known.

“... a tale told with humour and heart; the perfect read for a cold winter's night.”
Good Friends, Good Books

 The Holly & The Thistle:

London, December 1818
A chance meeting at Berry’s wine shop, a misunderstanding and Christmastide all come together to allow the most handsome Scot in London to give Lady Emily Picton the best Christmas gift ever: a marriage not of convenience, but of love.

“...a wonderful addition to any romance lover's collection and in this reviewer's humble opinion, goes best with some chocolates and a nice glass of wine.”
Breath of Life Reviews

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