Friday, December 14, 2018

Becca St. John’s SUMMERTON – Wonderfully Complex Mystery and Fabulous Love Story

This Regency (no date given) was my first book by St. John and I loved it. She writes with a smooth fluidity that captured me from the beginning. Lots of atmosphere surrounds the mystery with twists and turns aplenty.

The characters came alive on the page. The Duke of Summerton is a gallant man, one worthy of any woman’s love. And his match, Caroline Howlett, a wealthy commoner from Manchester, was enchanting. She had loved him as a girl; he didn’t know she existed.

He married her for her money, or that’s at least what she believed. She only married him because she was forced to do so by her uncle. In the match, the Duke of Summerton would be able to restore his family estate and Caroline would gain a title. But she cares nothing for that. She only wants to return to Manchester to see to her family’s mills.

Caroline is attempting to run away when murder suddenly arrives. First her maid is found in the woods, strangled. And it seems that Caroline is the real target. Can Summerton protect her. And will they both find love in the process? Indeed, they shall. And Summerton’s Aunt Eleanor is a Regency detective with skills!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, did not want it to end. Highly recommended.

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