Thursday, December 27, 2018

Georgette Heyer’s VENETIA – Delightful, Witty and Wonderful… a keeper with a great heroine!

Set in the Regency era, this is the story of a sheltered but well read country miss and a jaded young man who once let his lust lead him astray. Venetia Lanyon lives in Harrogate, staying with her younger brother, a bookish young man who is lame from an accident. She has suitors, one a young puppy and the other a staid straight-laced sort. Neither captures her heart. Then, into her life comes her neighbor, the infamous Lord Damerel, who once ran away with an older married woman.

Damerel has a depth to him that belies his errant ways and Venetia sees beneath the surface. They share a love of Shakespeare and their sense of humor. Damerel begins to laugh as he hasn’t for many years. Venetia’s guardians are concerned that Damerel is a very bad influence, but when her brother is taken to Damerel’s crumbling estate after a riding accident, Venetia boldly follows, her reputation be damned. The thing is, however, that while Damerel has fallen in love with her, he believes himself unworthy and urges her to seek a husband.

Adroitly woven story of a family where our heroine takes care of all, happy in her isolated country life, until she meets her neighbor, the jaded rake. It’s in Venetia’s nature to make the best of what life gives her. And now that Damerel has come into her life, can she let him go when he would do the noble thing and bid her go?

A wonderful Regency from Heyer, one of her best. Highly recommended.

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