Saturday, January 12, 2019

Georgette Heyer’s LADY OF QUALITY – Another Regency with Delightful Characters and a Splendid Heroine

This is the story of Miss Annis Wychwood, who, at twenty-nine, is independent and determined to live on her own. But when Annis embroils herself in the affairs of Miss Lucilla Carleton, a young runaway heiress, she is confronted with Lucilla’s arrogant and very wealthy guardian, Mr. Oliver Carleton, who Annis considers the rudest man she has ever met. But it is clear that Mr. Carleton may be the only man Annis does not consider a dead bore.

I love the way Heyer slowly builds her tale with a wonderful cast of secondary characters. The chemistry in this tale is subtle. Annis and Oliver seem to thrive on their frequent conflicts. Heyer brings to life the Regency era and the life of the gentry at Bath with details of the Pump Room where visitors went to “take the waters” and the social whirl that characterized the Bath season.

The love story in this one comes out mostly through the comments of others until the end when the hero declares himself and Annis finds it hard to resist.

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