Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Gina Conkle’s KEPT BY THE VIKING – Exciting, Authentic Viking Love Story

Set in the 10th century in Normandy, this is the story of Rurik, a leader of the “Forgotten Sons” band of Vikings. Successful in raiding, he now wants land and a home. When William Longsword offers him land in Normandy and a Viking wife, Rurik leads his men there to take advantage of the offer. The Parisian maid he rescues intrigues him but he won’t be dissuaded from his path.

Safira, a Hebrew, is not the thrall she appeared to be. Taken from her home in Paris and sold north, she clever and full of secrets she won’t reveal, even to Rurik, the Viking who rescues her to whom she is attracted. Several times she saves Rurik and helps him gain the favor of monks and Jarl Longsword. He comes to admire her and value her opinion.

Conkle has built a complex 10th century world that will serve well in this series that will bring to life the stories of the Forgotten Sons, a band of lesser Vikings who are bonded to each other with a strong loyalty. I love that her story is based on solid research with insight into the era. It has an authentic feel and the characters are richly developed. Lots of action scenes keep up the excitement as Rurik and Safira find their love growing.

If you love Viking stories, you will love this well-written tale!

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  1. Hi Regan,
    Thanks for reviewing Kept by the Viking. This series has been long in the works. I appreciate you highlighting Viking romance on your website---it's an exciting romance sub-genre.