Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Gina Conkle’s TO FIND A VIKING TREASURE – An Exciting Viking Tale!

January is Viking month! Stay with us as I present some wonderful stories of those Norsemen of long ago. I’m beginning with an exciting one my Gina Conkle.

Set in 1022 in the kingdom of Svea (Sweden), this is the story of warring Viking leaders and a rough yet noble warrior who serves the man who saved his life. Brandr wants to leave Uppsala to start a new life, but his desire to protect the slave, Sestra, keeps him from leaving.

Sestra is a thrall who has known only abuse from men who lust after her beauty. But when she tells the Viking leader of a treasure hidden by their enemy, Brandr and she are sent to find it. To Sestra, Brandr is a mysterious figure, a man of strength whose only words are ones meant to tease yet he always treats her with respect.

This is a Viking version of lost on a desert isle. Alone and facing the enemy who would be eager to kill them, Brandr and Sestra discover passion between them as they fight to survive. Choices must be made by each as to what is truly important. Brandr is a freeman and Sestra longs to be free. She hopes the treasure will bring her that freedom.

Conkle has obviously done considerable research into the Viking life, which enriches the tale. Some exciting scenes will hold your attention and for those who like a spicy romance, Conkle has delivered a romance with many scintillating love scenes.

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