Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Linda Colwell’s CRY OF THE BRETHREN – Great Adventure and a Handsome Fur Trapper Hero

Set in 1843, this is the story of Jessie Trent, saved by trapper Lucas Wakefield and his raiding party from marrying an odious man forced upon her by her father, a member of a cult in Michigan.
With the Brethren of the Aaronites cult in angry pursuit, Lucas escapes with his prize over frozen Lake Michigan, heading to his cabin deep in the woods. He did it for revenge but soon realizes he cannot give Jessie back.

The author introduces us to some wonderful characters that populate this well-told tale. Jessie is a high-spirited girl who was glad to leave the cult but she fears her growing attraction for the half-Indian trapper who treats her with kindness. His friends, too, accept her as part of the family. And then a beautiful Indian woman, the sister of his dead wife, shows up. Oh my!

Colwell is new to me and I enjoyed her work. Lots of emotion and action and great historical detail. Towards The Sunset is the next!

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